Friday, January 29, 2010

Cinti Calligraphers presents paste paper projects

Please RSVP to Carla (email/phone listed on your email) ASAP (Sunday/Monday) if you are interested in attending this workshop.  

*For the Framable Art project ...bring a mat and/or frame of your choice. You will want 

the opening to be 8 X10 or larger! (I buy CLEARANCE framed art at HomeGoods, but 

make sure you disassemble it & remove the old art so it is ready to go that day!) 

*Calligraphers: addition bring your favorite pens, black & white gouache, mixing 

brushes, water bottle, pencils, eraser, ruler, paper towels & any other calligraphic tools 

that you wish. 

*Non-CalligraDhers will be given some instructions/guidance on how to add text to your 

project in an easy way. You may want to print out your text ahead of time on nice paper, in 

segments which can then be cut apart and added to the page, although not necessary. If 

you wish to try some writing of text, please bring pencils & gel pens in white and/or black. 

*ALL levels of skill and enthusiasm are welcomed. 

*PLEASE be prompt as there is a lot to cover in 6 short hours. 

*Bring your own lunch to eat as you wish (there is a small refrigerator but no microwave) 

*Parking is FREE at Dunham Recreation Center 

For those who would like to take this class, but do not have Paste Paper or some of the 

other listed materials, DO NOT let that stop vou! We will have Paste Paper for sale and 

sharable supplies aplenty. Arches Text Wove and other decorative papers will also be 

available for sale by the sheet.

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