Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas party art!

I thought I would post the pictures of the ornaments and ATC's we exchanged at the Christmas party. Also included is a picture of the altered (blue) metal pieces Carla brought for show and tell. Merry Christmas! See you all in January!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

December 8--Christmas party!!!

(image from http://vickichrisman.blogspot.com/)

Jean--we hope you are feeling better! We have missed you at the past few meetings.

Hope to see everyone at the December 8th Christmas meeting. Please bring a food dish to share and your own drink, an ATC using last month's transfer technique to trade and a handmade Christmas ornament to trade. I will provide paper plates, napkins and plastic silverware.

Starting in January we have decided to start a new exchange working in a 6x6" format. Some members will be working on 8x8" accordian books ordered through CS and Oriental Trading, others will put their own books together. We decided on a Seasons theme --as I understand it we will do winter pages for Jan-Mar, spring pages Apr-Jun, summer pages Jul-Sep, and fall pages Oct-Dec. This may be adjusted.

Cindy will be the new leader of the group for 2009. We will continue to work on techniques in the Bernie Berlin book but anyone who wants to teach a different project along the way will be added in whenever we like.

We would all love to see any projects you have been working on--bring them for show and tell! Did you make some special Christmas gifts, cards, or other projects? I would also be happy to add any pictures of your projects to the blog here if you want to send them to me at any time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November meeting-ATC's and transfer project

Here's a few pictures from the November meeting--ATC's traded from last month's tissue paper backgrounds project and works in progress with the inkjet image transfer project. Next month--Christmas party!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fat or chunky books

Here's my idea for something fun to exchange for Christmas or next year: pages for a fat/chunky book--the pages are usually 4x4"! (As always you can click on the picture for a larger image--these are Halloween books.)

Please send me your ideas/pictures to post--I'd be happy to!

Here are some links to some examples:






November meeting 11-10-08

Hope to see everyone Monday Nov. 10th for the next meeting of ASOM. Last month we had a long discussion about exchanges for next year and I think we narrowed it down to a tag shaped accordian book (if we can find it to order for the group--not available at Oriental Trading). Everyone please bring some ideas for the exchanges for themes --color, subject, whatever.
We still need to figure out how this exchange would work--anyone have an idea?

Big thanks to Ramona for sharing her "Tim Holtz" makeNtake necklaces with the group (pictured above)! And Carla--thanks for sharing the slide mounts.

We will be making plans for the December meeting/Christmas party this month so bring your ideas for a fun project we could do.

As usual bring an ATC using last month's tissue paper technique to exchange if you like.

The November project is Transfers on page 44-45 of Bernie Berlin's book.
Bring watercolor paper (140lb if possible), color inkjet images on lightweight photo paper, brush, brayer, gel medium, and muslin if you have it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October meeting ATC's and tissue paper backgrounds

Just posting some pictures of ATC's using the NevrDull backgrounds which we exchanged this past Monday night and all of the tissue paper backgrounds in progress! I'll post about next month's meeting later this month.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jean's art-NevrDull and Tissue paper backgrounds

Jean will be out of town for the meeting Monday and was kind enough to send scans of the art she's been working on. She's been following along with the book and the first set of ATC's and 2 cards are what she did with the NevrDull backgrounds. The last set of ATC's are her tissue paper backgrounds. Great job Jean! Thanks for sharing!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Next meeting October 13th

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting Monday October 13th, 7pm. We will be exchanging ATC's made using September's technique/project with never dull.

October's project is the tissue paper technique on pages 42-43 of Bernie Berlin's book. If anyone wants to also work on the phone book paper technique on pages 34-35 please do--it's not that different from the tissue paper! Supplies to bring: white tissue paper, gel medium, small brush, acrylic paints. We will be adding at least 2 layers of tissue paper to your base cardstock with the gel medium and then painting over them. For the phone book technique: bring phone book pages, gel medium, glazing medium, acrylic paint, brayer, brushes, white opaque pen(opt). See the book for samples.

Please think about what you might like to do for exchanges for next year! We will be discussing some ideas at the next meeting. I would like to do some kind of altered book with a color theme --anyone else have some ideas? Also, Kendall would like someone else to take charge of the group next year so please think about volunteering!