Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meeting Notes from 6-14-10

We met tonight for the first time at the Bellevue Beadery. Only three members were in attendance at the 1st meeting at out new location, Angie, Sandi and Barbara. We discussed the 9th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction. Sandi will be getting bricks for all the members of the club. Please remember, you do not have to decorate a brick. Definites for decorating a brick are: Angie, Barbara, Carla, Sandi, and not sure are: Beth, Jean, and Pam. The decorated bricks are to be auctioned off on Sunday October 10 at the Cintas Center @ Xavier University. The proceeds benefit the Ellen B. Ganson Foundation. Click here for additional information. Click Here for another site with more information regarding the Call to Artists. The second site shows the actual flier and shows bricks that have been submitted in the past. Hope this will give you ideas. Sandi will be picking up the bricks and the distribution will be announced soon via an email to everyone in the group. We are striving to be able to get these turned in before the first deadline of August 9. If we make that deadline, then our bricks will be considered for inclusion in the Bricks Along the Journey Calendar. Now wouldn't that be an honor to have a brick in the calendar.

At the next meeting please bring your brick and plan on working on it at the meeting.

After the brick project is finished we are planning on going back to the Altered Surfaces book. However if anyone has a book with a particular technique that you want to learn, please bring the book in, we would love to add that to the techniques we want to work on at future meetings. We even discussed the possibility of working from 2 or 3 books just so we don't wind up bored with one book. We want to try to get into other publications as well.

Since attendance was slim, we adjourned early.

We are looking forward to the next meeting and don't forget to bring your brick.