Thursday, January 31, 2008

ASOM February meeting 2-11-08

Are you all ready for Valentine's Day? These pretty heart pins were posted by pavoreal on flickr.

The next meeting of ASOM will be held at 7pm on Monday February 11th.

Bring T & U tags for exchange to the February meeting!

Project for Feb 11th meeting: Intuitive Watercolor--Bernie Berlin book pages
Supplies listed in the book:
Palette paper ( you may use E-Z release foil, craft sheet, baking parchment, freezer paper whatever you have at home!)
Watercolor brush
water soluble oil pastels--optional--don't go out and buy them--but if you have
them they would work for this technique
watercolor paper--140 lb cold press works best but 90 lb could be used also.
liquid watercolor --tube or pan watercolor (or watercolor crayons)
heat gun
fine point black pen/very fine marker

At the January meeting:
We talked about a new exchange after the alphabet tags are finished. It was suggested that we do numbers 0-9 or ATC's using the technique from the previous meeting. We'll discuss and decide sometime over the next few meetings.

Kendall's nephew Duane is thought to be in Kuwait and headed for the states for 3 months after that to re-acclimate before leaving the service. He was very
grateful for all the cards, packages, thoughts and prayers. Kendall has asked if
anyone knows of another soldier that would like mail and/or packages-- she would like to continue helping them out. --Angel stampers for soldiers???

We discussed an art doll project for sometime this year and will work it in to
the schedule some month when we don't want to do the technique in the book. Barb Bruder said she is able to get cloth bendy dolls for $2-3 or we might want to do paper dolls or $1 store dolls???

We talked about how we will work through the Bernie Berlin book by starting in the beginning and working on a new technique each month. Kendall passed out 2 worksheets if you would like to work with that kind of format. Several members will use spiral bound books to put their technique samples in. Kendall suggested trying to use a small 1/4 (of 8 1/2x11")piece of paper for trying the techniques to save time. Of course bring several pieces this size to work with! We also talked about trying to use supplies that we all ready have for the techniques as much as possible.

I think everyone enjoyed playing with the rust, green patina, &/or pewter
metallic solutions--with varying degrees of success--most pieces were not dry or
completed by the end of the meeting so we will hope to see some show up on next month's tags or for show and tell!!!

We discussed having one or 2 people in charge of the blog that know how to get
images posted and possibly having the newsletter on the blog. We would all like to be able to post comments but not everyone wants to have to learn to post
pictures/images, etc. Barb Bruder and I volunteered to help Carla with the blog. I'm hoping that any of you wanting an image posted on the blog could send it to one of us and we would be able to do that. Carla has set up our blog and I am learning to post text and images to it. If more people want to post images themselves to the blog please let me know and we'll figure it out! A blog
doesn't seem as user friendly for a group of people like the old yahoo groups
message board formats so I'm not sure how this is going to work! Carla-- how
does the blog work for the groups you are in? Let us know!

Here's the blog address: