Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ASOM January meeting notes and news

Pictures above are the boxes some of us worked on at the January meeting and Carla's crackle technique sample.  The crackle technique is from Claudine Hellmuth's 2nd book: Collage Discovery Workshop--Unexpected Techniques  (

We discussed new meeting places and came up with several suggestions.  Jean has offered to let us meet in her heated garage but will be out of town in February.  Angie was able to reserve the Erlanger library meeting room:
(859) 962-4000
MON-FRI 9:00-9:00
SAT 10:00-6:00
SUN 1:00-5:00
 for us for the February meeting.  Sandi checked out the Boone county library on 25 in Florence and they do have a meeting room also but it was booked for February.  Barb Bruder also checked with Lana at Scraps--Lana has offered to let us meet at her store for a fee of $20 for the group(per meeting).  Thanks to all for checking those out!

So for the February meeting we will meet at the Erlanger library (free) and see how that works out.  There should be plenty of room there so if Kendall and Jean want to get in touch with their friends (Carol and Pam) and let them know about the changes  I think we will have room for additional members now and can open the group to more new members.  

We will continue to work on altering boxes at the next 2 meetings.  If anyone has a technique related to altering boxes that they would like to teach at the next meeting please email me with details(supply list) and I will post them on the blog.  Angie--would you teach the image transfer technique you used on your Christmas ornament block for us at one of the next 2 meetings?  I think it could work on a box too!  And I really want to try it!

Jean passed out maps to her house at the January meeting and I will email her address for everyone before we meet there.  Thanks to Angie for sharing cards from American Greetings!  

Also there is a short 2 page layout on crackle paint in the Altered Surfaces book in case you have it and want to check that out(pages 36-37).    

For the February meeting please see last months post for a list of supplies you might want to bring to work on your box.  Please bring some kind of paper or mat to cover your work surface, a cup or plastic dish for water, and some paper towels since we are working at the library.  We must leave the library as clean as we find it before the meeting.  

Barb Bruder--thanks so much for hosting our meetings at Creative Stamper for the past several years!  We are sorry to see the store close.  Best of luck for the future.  

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