Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Retreat April 17

The retreat has been scheduled for April 17, 9:00 - whenever(probably 4:00 p.m.)

It was decided upon that we will be working on 3 great projects.

  1. Soldering - led by Sandi C.
  2. Fairies - led by Beth M.
  3. Etching on Metal - led by Carla D. & Angie B.(Below are 2 pics of their trial run.These pic's are posted on Angie's blog so click here to go to her blog for more info.Scroll down to the March 14 posting.)

Items to bring:

For the soldering project
  1. Soldering Iron *
  2. solder (lead free)*
  3. flux *
  4. sponge try to bring the type that has a green scruffy on one side and the sponge on the other.
  5. soldering tape *
  6. Glass slides  1"X3" and/or 1 1/2" X 1 1/2"
  7. clamps  to keep fingers from getting burnt, clamp type clothes pin could work.
  8. flux brush - do not bring sponge brush for this project
* = available at Hobby Lobby

For the fairies project

Scrunchies (from the Dollar Tree store) these have chiffon on them

For the etching on metal project

  1. Heat Tool
  2. Spray Paint - optional - any color, acts as a resist
  3. Eye Protection (very important)
  4. Smock (important to protect your clothes since we will be working with muriatic acid)
  5. Rubber Gloves (kitchen kind will work)
  6. Rags
  7. paper towels
  8. Metal sheets *
  9. Black staz-on
  10. stamps
  11. permanent markers
  12. stencils
  13. acrylic paint
  14. painters tape (masking tape)
  15. plastic containers - about the size of a chinese take out carton
  16. metal cutting scissors- you will need these if your metal is too thick to be cut with regular scissors
*= available at Hobby Lobby (possibly in the model section)
This retreat is going to be another great and fun day of learning new techniques that we will be able to use in our altered art.

We are all looking forward to this retreat. See you there.

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