Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas party 2009

What a wonderful Christmas party we had!  The food and drinks were great and the Christmas ornaments were fun and festive!  Several people brought books to look through and we voted on using Altered Surfaces (a Design Original book) by Chris Cozen for our next few meeting projects. Let me know if anyone has trouble ordering the book and I will try to scan a sample image along with the supply list for the projects. You can order the book here:

January meeting:  Mon Jan 11th at 6:30pm
We also decided to alter a box for our January project.  Bring any kind of box (cigar, paper mache, wood, tin, whatever) and try to pick some kind of theme for altering your box so you can bring embellishments and paint colors to decorate/alter the box.  You do not have to make a shrine--your box can be whatever you want it to be--maybe you need storage for something in your craft room?  We came up with the following supplies you might need:  gesso, acrylic paints, glue, decorative paper(for covering box or lining the inside?), fabric, found objects, embellishments, ruler, Xacto knife(for cutting holes), heat tool, modge podge, glue gun.  Carla volunteered to teach us a crackle technique using elmer's glue,acrylic paint, and heat tool.  Here are some links to altered shrines and boxes that Angie and Jean sent along:  -- From menu on the left you’ll see shrines.  Some are more religious, but may be good examples.  had a list that you could go through and one was specific for cigar boxes at 

We talked about limiting the number of members for the group-we'd like to keep it at 12 due to space limitations in the classroom. There are 3 people(that I know of) who are interested in joining the group and we decided to fill the open spot by drawing a name at the next meeting.  We will keep a waiting list for any others who are interested.  I will be emailing the 3 people to make sure they are still interested and we will draw the name at January's meeting.  The 3 people are Margy Vogel-Coomer, Pam Thompson, & Carol King(not the famous singer but a friend of Kendall's).

We also discussed possible field trips briefly and Saturday art retreats twice a year to replace that month's meeting(spring/fall?).  Jean has volunteered her garage for an art retreat tentatively set for April 2010 where we will be learning jewelry techniques including copper etching(Carla) and possibly 1 or 2 other techniques that would need to be done in a well ventilated area. 

Merry Christmas to everyone!  It's been a fun year and next year is shaping up to be even better!


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