Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 14th-Fused fibers and more!

Posting pictures from the Sept. meeting:  the project for the evening:  fused fibers,  the final summer 6x6 art exchanged, a few ATC's.

We discussed the October meeting which will be on Sat. Oct 17th from 9am-6pm and NOT on the Monday before as usual.  Sandy and Carla are providing several projects and I will be posting additional supplies to bring for those projects when I hear from them. Sandy is bringing everyone a small paperbag book to alter as you like and wood blocks for the block doll that Carla brought for show and tell this month.  Carla gave everyone copies of supply lists for 2 of her projects:  wired wrapped beads and the wood block doll.  More info on the water color monoprint project sometime soon! Special thanks to Carla and Sandi for all the work on the projects for October!  We will order out food for lunch unless you want to bring your own.  

Congratulations to Sandi  for her charm being published in the last Crop Paper Scissors!  

We had quite a lot of show and tell at the Sept meeting--Barb and Jean brought art from an Amy Flowers' class they took, Cindy brought her Halloween wood pieces, and Kendall brought some fused glass jewelry she made recently.  

We will be doing the metal tape project in Bernie Berlin's book pages 80-83 for the Nov. meeting.   

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